Silence — The World according to Dina

12 Nov

A silent interview

via Silence — The World according to Dina

Lost Paradise

14 Aug

The World according to Dina

Paradise Lost
Das verlorene Paradies

Bookfayries‘ associations triggered by the exhibition „Ärger im Paradies“ (Trouble in Paradise) in Bonn/Germany
Siri’s and Selma’s Assoziationen zur Bonner Ausstellung auf dem Dach der Bundeskunsthalle Ärger imParadies

Mir gäb es keine größ’re Pein
wär‘ ich im Paradies allein.

There wouldn’t be no bigger agony as being on my own in paradise

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Well, dear old Goethe was very choosy with whom he shared his little paradise at Weimar. If he didn’t like visitors he had to entertain he lodged them in his blue room hoping that the cold radiation of this colour would soon drive them away.

Naja, der gute Goethe hat sich schon sehr die Leute ausgesucht, mit denen er sein kleines Paradies in Weimar teilte. Wen er nicht leiden konnte, aber empfangen musste, den quartierte er in sein blaues Zimmer ein in der Hoffnung, das…

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200th Anniversary of Goethe’s „Ginkgo Biloba“

10 Jul

This is great blog for everyone who likes poems and especially love poems.
Have fun and a nice weekend
ha en fin dag
Annalena from sunny Stockholm

The World according to Dina

Do you sometimes have the feeling, no matter where you go, Goethe was already there, many, many years ago? 🙂 Lately we hiked the Goethe path in Rheingau and in Harz we climbed in the footsteps of Goethe to the Schnarcherklippen and we are sure you can add many more places to our list.
When we went to visit our dear friend Per Magnus in Weimar, Goethe was celebrated there at nearly every corner. The Ginkgo tree next to the Fürstenhaus in Weimar is probably the tree with the most visitors in Germany, but this Ginkgo is not famous because of Goethe’s botanical interest, it’s because of this poem Goethe wrote:


Es ist zum Mäusemelken, wo immer wir hinkommen, Goethe war schon da (Masterchen fährt so gern in die Arktis, um Goethe zu entkommen 😉 ). Im Rheingau wanderten wir auf Goethes Spuren wie auch zu den Schnarcherklippen im…

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Cologne: Nous ne sommes pas Charlie!

30 Jan

I just phoned our friend PM in Longyearbyen and he made clear reblogging this post is an act of solidarity. He is right and my little political action is reblogging this. You may read the comments as well. They make clear that blogging like publishing a book or paper has always a political dimension as well.

The World according to Dina

LATEST NEWS on the Cologne Carnival cancelling the Charlie Hebdo float 

We are shocked that Cologne cancelled the Charlie Hebdo float. This self-censuring is just what the jehadists want. Sorry, that we have take on a topic we already blogged about in our Charlie-Hebdo-Blog and which was mentioned in quite some commentaries of our Holocaust-Blog. What can we learn from history is the question.

Sorry, unbedingt müssen wir nochmal das Thema unseres alten Charlie-Blogs aufgreifen, weil wir so voll sauer, ja geradezu bestürzt sind: Köln bannt den Charlie-Hebdo Wagen für den Karnevalszug am Rosenmontag! Außerdem betrifft das ebenfalls einige Kommentare unseres Holocaust-Blogs.

This would have been the Charlie-Hebdo Float
Das wäre der geplante Wagen gewesen

motivwagen                                                                   …

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Silent Snow

23 Jan

Wonderful post from Norway from The Fabulous Four. Enjoy the magic of winter!

The World according to Dina

Silent Snow
Das Schweigen des Schnees

We Bookfayries miss the snow right now. From our tiny village next the sea we peep at the glorious, silent snow in Norway. Anyone who is slightly familiar with HerbjørgWassmo’s (comtemporary Norwegian writer) books and filmI am Dina“ knows how well suited Alexander Pushkin is to frame Dina’s images 🙂
These were the very first photos our beloved Dina took with her Nikon D200 in Fredrikstad some years ago. We know, they are far from being perfect, but we like to watch them and listen to the things we can’t hear. Do you have a favourite spot where you can absorb the silence? Our most beloved, silent point is even further North, in the Arctic region.

Schmerzlich vermissen wir Buchfeen den Schnee. Von unserem kleinen Dorf am großen Meer schauen wir sehnsüchtig auf die großartige Stille des Schnees in Norwegen.

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Hill House

10 Okt

Thanks for sharing your ideas about CRM. He became so influencal and is cult nowadays.
GREAT post!
Annalena xxx

The World according to Dina

Our culturally (over) interested Master was rather keen to visit Hill House, the highly praised work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. As the owners (as members of the NT) we went to posh Helensburgh to the second most expensive street in the whole of Scotland. Because our house wasn’t open before afternoon, the sun was shining and we dindn’t want to linger in our car we flew around the gardens. These beautiful, formal gardens have been restored in line with the early designs, using plants that would have been available at the early 20th. century when it was built for the publisher Walter Blackie.

Unser kulturbeflissenes Masterchen wollte unbedingt das Hill House, die gepriesenste Arbeit von Charles Rennie Mackintosh, sehen. Da es uns als Mitglieder des National Trust gehört, fuhren wir ins exklusive Helensburgh (Vorort von Glasgow) in die zweit teuerste Straße Schottlands. Da das Haus erst nachmittags öffnet, die Sonne…

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Ossian and Scotland

17 Sep

Dear friends,
this is a short text about Ossian, one of the most influential fakes in literary history.
All the best and be inspired

The World according to Dina


the chirpy Bookfayries are writing again. We returned safely from our trip to the beautiful and, you wouldn’t believe it, sunny Scotland. Tomorrow is the big day, we will listen excitedly how the referendum will be answered. Everyone we talked to answered following the slogan We are proud to be Scottish and delighted to be united. But as Bookfayries you meet a special kind of folks only. The polls foresee a narrow race between YES and NO.  

hier schreiben wir beiden munteren Buchfeen Siri und Selma. Wir sind vom schönen Schottland zurück und sitzen ab morgen Mittag zitternd am Radio, wie wohl das Referendum über die Unabhängigkeit Schottlands entschieden wird. Alle, die wir sprachen, hingen der Devise an: We are proud to be Scottish and delighted to be united. Aber so als Buchfeen trifft man nur bestimmte Leute. Die Meinungsumfragen erwarten ein denkbar knappes Ergebnis.

Hanne Siebers_Scotland2


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Lars Saabye Christensen

15 Mai

An interesting interview of one of the most prominent contemporary Scandinavian authors. Worth reading!
Anna Lena

The World according to Dina

Det å glemme seg selv, er en fantastisk følelse
To forget about yourself is a marvellous feeling

Sich selbst zu vergessen, ist ein phantastisches Gefühl

Lars Saabye Christensen

We are sooo proud that we not only could meet Lars Saabye Christensen in the Litteraturhus at Fredrikstad/Norway but that he signed a book for us as well as he allowed us to interview him.
Wir sind sooo stolz darauf, dass wir nicht nur Lars Saabye Christensen im Litteraturhus in Fredrikstad/Norwegen treffen durften, sondern dass er für uns auch ein Buch signierte und uns erlaubte, ihn zu interviewen.

If you don’t know, Lars is after Jo Nesbø und together with Karl Ove Knausgård the most successful Norwegian author. He is translated in English and more than 30 more other languages. The Independent called him „Norway’s literary superstar“ and we agree.Our dear Master with his dainty side keeps a diary of all the…

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Crab Fishing in Norfolk

12 Apr

Here you see that catching crabs is not only a Swedish tradition – of course not 😉
Greetings from Stockholm

The World according to Dina

Crab & Lobster
Krebsfang in Norfolk

Hanne Siebers_Crab07_kleinWhen we went to the beach with our dear Master and Dina yesterday, we Bookfayries immediately had to fly to a fine white boat on the shingle bank next to a rusty tractor and an old Land Rover. This promised an adventure. 

Als wir gestern mit Dina und Masterchen an den Strand gingen, flatterten wir Buchfeen ganz aufgeregt voraus, denn wir sahen schon vom weiten ein feines Boot, einen rostigen großen Trecker und einen wohl ebenso alten Land Rover. Das versprach Abenteuer.

Crab06_kleinOur friend, the warden, was loading proudly with his son and a neighbour his new boat with crab pots, to catch crab and lobster. Since the 18th c. about 15% of all crabs and lobster catches in England and Wales are from our coast. Edmund Burdell in his book „A Guide About Cromer“ was the first one who described traditional crab fishing…

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22 Aug

I suppose to reflect heroism is very, very important because under the name of heroism a lot of cruelty has been done. Thanks for this post with all its critical reflections.
Lots of Love from Stockholm



Heutzutage ist es ein Handwerk, Forschungsreisender zu sein; ein Handwerk, das nicht, wie man meinen könnte, darin besteht, nach vielen Jahren intensiven Studiums bislang unbekannte Tatsachen zu entdecken, sondern eine Vielzahl von Kilometern zu durchrasen und – möglichst farbige – Bilder oder Filme anzusammeln …

Today being an explorer is a craft, a craft that doesn`t search for the unknown after intensive studies for years but hurrying many miles to collect coloured pictures or films … 

Claude Lévi-Strauss, Traurige Tropen (A World on the Wane)

Hiermit schließen wir unsere Posts über den Norden ab. Seid ihr froh? Es hat Spaß gemacht, uns aus Masterchens Manuskripten zu bedienen. Da unser Beitrag über die Hölle ein derartiger Erfolg war, arbeiten wir beide emsig an einem über Teufelsvorstellungen. Lasst euch überraschen – und immerhin ist der Teufel doch auch ein Held 😉

This is our last post about the North…

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